“5 stars all the way to Heaven and back!” – AMoon


The Three Reasons:

Love, Music and the San Francisco Giants



Do you know why you’re here on this earth?

There is a reason . . . sometimes there’s even more than one reason.


What is it like to die and bring your reasons for living back with you?

You’re about to find out as this inspiring book takes you on a magic carpet ride of death . . . life . . . and . . . the magical and miraculous spaces in between!

If you do not know your reason or reasons for being here, you can never be living life full-out.As a matter of fact, most people are not in the process of living their lives. They are actually in the process of dying their deaths! Living in fear and struggle, frustration and lack is not living.

This true story will draw you in, urge you to take a look at your life, and inspire you to ask yourself…

What are my Three Reasons for living?

You’ll also learn how to take those Three Reasons and create a life full of magic, miracles, and love, no matter what circumstances arise.

Through the story of an unexpected death, then the miraculous resurrection back to life, you’ll be embarking on your own journey of transformation. In following this journey, complete with many bleak and upsetting moments as well as blessings, you’ll have guides, teaching and motivating you to realize your Three Reasons.

Anyone who struggles with fear, frustrations, or lack of any kind….
will be able to use the profound wisdom and insights in this book to gain the awareness and methods for creating a life of meaning, miracles, and immediacy.

As you read this book and take the steps to bring your Three Reasons to a conscious level, you’ll begin to live as you never have before.
Isn’t it time you changed from dying your death to living your life?
Don’t wait until you die to figure out why you’re alive!

Bev Adamo has experienced the miracle of life, death and rebirth from the unique and inspiring experience of her husband Ric dying in her arms, then fighting his way back to life for Three Reasons.

She has used this experience in her work as an inspiring speaker, author, and innovation catalyst, working with individuals and teams to transform their bodies, minds, and businesses to match their Spirits. Bev has a master’s degree in organizational development and management, as well as having served in executive positions in both the public and private sectors.

Beverly Adamo

Beverly Adamo

Author, Speaker, Innovation Catalyst

Bev is a certified Dream Coach, a True Purpose Coach, an Ordained Minister and is the founder of the movement of humans who are ready to stop wearing their power (i.e., weight, worry, debt, guilt, and shame) and start owning and using their power to change their personal worlds and the world around them.

Bev does this by supporting others in discovering the Three Reasons for themselves. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about, Bev Adamo and about Your Three Reasons, you are invited to contact her, so you can stop dying your death and start living your life!

The Three Reasons is a fascinating journey through death and life-after-death as told from two very different perspectives. Until reading Ric and Bev’s story, I never really thought about my own purpose for being here on earth. But it was quite a revelation to learn that each person has their own distinct reasons, which can be very different from the next person’s. Thank you, Ric and Bev, for sharing your amazing story – it is quite the rollercoaster ride, and all the more thrilling because it is true. I have some very important takeaways from The Three Reasons that I’ve written down and posted where I can see them every day. They are great motivators – and reasons – to living an enriched life!

This very amazing book is one you will almost certainly read from cover to cover in one go. I couldn’t stop reading, for sure. It is in no way a standard life and death book. It is written in a very honest and positive style and takes you along on a steep road to recovery. Music is woven through this story as one of the most important catalysts to recovery. The person who “died” is the husband of the family. The book is mostly written by his wife Beverly Adamo and a substantial part is written back and forth by her and her husband. The difference between writing styles of both authors makes the story even more fascinating and personal. It touches your heart. And even their daughter has written a piece to contribute to the atmosphere of the book. It gives you different perspectives. It can even mirror your own life. From some books and stories you learn something to use in your own life. This could be such a book for you. There are no words to describe this special book. I recommend you to just read it!

This beautiful memoir is an amazing reminder of the strength we all have within ourselves for when life provides challenges that can feel beyond our means to overcome. It’s packed with valuable lessons that stay with you long after reading, which is why I’d recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one and could benefit from an understanding guide for pushing through the difficult moments that can all too quickly reveal life’s fragile state. Readers can expect to discover their unique reasons for living fulfilled lives, and if they are anything like myself, they’ll feel inspired to make changes in their approach to life immediately after they finish reading this book.