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Beverly is an inspiring and transformational speaker, leading other to the truth of their unique brilliance!


   Women Who Wear Their Power

Become a Master at Energy Exchange!

this program is for you if you:

  • struggle with weight, body image or food
  • succeeded with nutrition and/or exercise programs in the past, but failed to make lasting changes
  • desire to make weight a non-issue in your life

7 energy keys to own and use your power instead of losing it!

with these keys you will:

  • use your power to balance your weight and your life
  • possess profound and effective tools to transform any area of struggle
  • be inspired to maintain your healthy lifestyle of purposeful action

Oh My God! What Was I Thinking!!!

You ARE here for a reason and once you know the truth, your Unique Factor, life becomes fun, interesting and joy-full!

this program is for you if you:

  • are overwhelmed by decisions in everyday life
  • wonder about whether you have a purpose on this planet
  • are confused about your next step and don’t want to get it wrong
  • are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

change your feelings about life by changing your mind!

with the simple tools you will:

  • learn how to immediately change how you are feeling about events and circumstances in your life
  • experience an in-depth look at your beliefs, both limiting and empowering
  • use immediate tools to transform your beliefs and step into your authentic life with ease

Includes:  Your Unique Factor – Awakening to your purpose in life CD/mp3

Business Plans Made Simple


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail is true in business… is also true that many business plans seem both cumbersome and overwhelming to write and maintain.  What if it were possible to not only create an effective and powerful business plan in just a couple of hours?  What if that plan was easy to access, update, and utilize daily to empower, inspire and transform YOUR business?


Beverly Adamo’s program, women who wear their power was excellent! I had just lost 43 pounds and could not feel the success because of my belief system. Bev was able to provide me with the missing ingredient for making body and mind work together. The program provided me with grounding and structure to achieve understanding on my weight issues. The material was practical, clear and concise. The group interaction was excellent. I recommend this program to all women struggling in any area of their life.


Bev is truly a dream coach! At the onset, she asked how she could best serve me. I was already committed to action, co I was looking for more than accountability and she delivered big time! Bev applauded my successes and pointed out successful thinking and action and results that I had not even noticed. I am so grateful for her caring, considerate and consistent manner. I could “go for it” knowing that I had her a s a resource…I never felt alone!


The program, women who wear their power has been COMPLETELY TRANSFORMATIVE for me. …I’ve lost pounds and have shifted my eating habits. I have been on a “high” all week, very happy and grounded. I have had a huge breakthrough in “getting over” my ex…and now I feel so ready to move forward, stop dwelling and embrace the exciting future. Today my cup is overflowing. I could not say the same a week ago. Sometimes when you look too hard, you don’t see. And sometimes when you stop looking, you find. And oddly, sometimes when I am having a moment of wavering, I see your beautiful, smiling face etched before me.


Thank you for your loving kindness, you light up a room so that others can see their light! I was inspired and delighted (pun intended). Your gifts are our treasures-how lucky WOW is to have had your presence! And, I am grateful that you encouraged me to STOP hiding behind others and start to create my own projects 🙂 That time has come, and I am ready!