This true story will draw you in, urge you to take a look at your life, and inspire you to ask yourself…

What are my Three Reasons for living?

You’ll also learn how to take those Three Reasons and create a life full of magic, miracles, and love, no matter what circumstances arise.

Through the story of an unexpected death, then the miraculous resurrection back to life, you’ll be embarking on your own journey of transformation. In following this journey, complete with many bleak and upsetting moments as well as blessings, you’ll have guides, teaching and motivating you to realize your Three Reasons.

Anyone who struggles with fear, frustrations, or lack of any kind….

will be able to use the profound wisdom and insights in this book to gain the awareness and methods for creating a life of meaning, miracles, and immediacy.

As you read this book and take the steps to bring your Three Reasons to a conscious level, you’ll begin to live as you never have before.

Isn’t it time you changed from dying your death to living your life?

Don’t wait until you die to figure out why you’re alive!

Personal development is much more than improving your talents. It is finding your identity and expanding your self-awareness, qualities and spirituality. It is a conscious pursuit of health, happiness and individual potential. It is building relationships with others and reaching out to offer your gifts.

Discover proven ways to rise above those things which have held you back. Learn from amazing and inspiring individuals who have been through the process of improving their own lives and went on to help countless others enhance theirs. We have joined together to give you highly effective strategies that take you from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s all here—how-to’s for identifying your values and belief patterns, changing your mindset, and tapping into your dreams and intuition. You’ll learn ways to find your life’s purpose and discover your passion. You’ll discover motivation for leaving fear and destructive patterns behind, and how to be a leader in your own life.

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