Beverly Adamo is a catalyst, an inspiring speaker, and a transformational author!

With a bachelor’s degree in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior and a master’s degree in Administration and Organizational Management it goes without saying that Beverly Adomo has done her homework. She has put in the time and effort necessary to make her a more than qualified speaker, author and above all inspiration to many.

Beverly has been fortunate to gain and share knowledge through her 25+ years of work in thecorporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial world. She is a Certified Dream Coach®, One Page Business Plan® Consultant, Simple Spiritual Energy Practitioner, Program Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, Licensed True Purpose Coach, and contributing author of her book, Catch Your Star! and co-author of The Three Reasons.

As with so many of us the Beverly’s true qualifications come through her personal life experiences. However, unlike many of us Beverly has come to many forks in the road of life and has consistently chosen the path that has lead her to so much success, joy and fulfillment. She has taken risks and joyful adventures that have molded her into the dynamic speaker, author and coach that she is today.

With all these accomplishments under her belt she views one of her greatest is as founder and CEO of Creative Hearts International. She has found her greatest passion in being in the business of transforming and enhancing the union of body, mind and business to match spirit.