Power has not always been synonymous with women or the feminine.  More often, it is associated with the masculine aspects of people, places and things.  What we have noticed during the past few years however, is a shift in that perception.  With that shift, some women are feeling the weight (sometimes literally as unhealthy pounds) of the power that we are reclaiming in our lives.  Creative Hearts International and the events, services and products are designed to assist you in learning how to gracefully own your power and use it to live the joyful life you deserve!

Where do you start?  First by giving yourself permission to know and grow into your purpose.  There is only one YOU, and how you live your purpose in this lifetime can be totally by choice, instead of feeling that life throws all kinds of circumstances and people in your life and then you are left to deal with the aftermath.  No more!  Understanding that you have the power to live joyfully and in alignment with the reason you are here, makes your life magical, miraculous and full.

It’s time to join the movement of powerful women who are not only transforming their own bodies, minds and businesses, but are also serving so many others on this planet.  It is time to understand your own worth, your own power, and your own value.  Choose to live in possibilities NOW!  Join us at an event, learn from an online program, or sign up for a VIP day with Creative Hearts International (CHI)….the power to live your unique life!