In the United States, every July you have the opportunity to celebrate Independence Day – the birth of a Nation.  What if you also choose to activate and celebrate Independence Month – the birth of YOUR freedom?  Independence doesn’t mean “exclusion” from your life….independence means CHOICE!  You do not have to completely let go of anything….unless you choose to do so.  First look at from what you might want to declare your independence.  That could include thoughts, things, habits, people, states of being, routines, scarcity, lack, need to control, certainty…….if you are really interested in being physically, emotionally, mentally, financially free…ANYTHING could be a candidate for declaring, activating and celebrating your independence.


Declaring and activating your independence physically could include the food you eat…when you eat….how much you eat….how you look at food (Super Tip – food is fuel….food IS NOT love!).  For example, declaring your independence from chocolate doesn’t mean you have to exclude chocolate from your diet; it does mean that you do whatever you need to do so that eating chocolate becomes a choice rather than a need.  And do not lie to yourself (self-delusion is one thing from which you might consider declaring your independence); if chocolate is an addiction, better to declare independence by leaving it off the list of foods you eat. NOTE:  Addiction is actually a disconnection from Spirit – a disconnection from your Spirit and that which you call your Higher Power/God/Universe, etc.  You can declare your independence from addiction of any kind by choosing to reconnect to your Soul and your Source of Being.  Then it is a matter of changing daily practices and habits that will allow you to effectively manage cravings.

Declaring your physical independence might involve recycling your weight scale and tracking your percentage of body fat instead.  If you hate exercising, declare your independence from “having to exercise.”  Choose instead to move and use and enjoy the physical body you have.  Choose to care for that physical body as if it were that sacred temple….because it is….you are an awesome being who deserves an awesome body to navigate on this planet!

Declare your independence with respect to your physical surroundings.  Your living space…do you love it?  If not, declare and activate your independence and your intention for where you DO desire to live.  What it is in your living space?  Declare and activate your independence by recycling, donating, gifting anything that does not make your heart sing when you look at it.  Declare your independence from an “ugly” living space by hiring an interior decorator for some ideas or requesting a friend to help you (as long as the friend has a home you love).  Go through your closet and declare your independence from any item that you do not absolutely love wearing!  Declare your independence from having to be “in fashion.”  You know what you like….go with that!  Hire someone who knows colors and clothes design to help you try clothes you might not have considered by declaring your independence from your own bad taste!

Declaring and activating independence in all areas of your life can start with creating and using a Freedom List.  WARNING:  There’s something that happens when you clear the decks.  The silence can be a little daunting and the freedom a bit overwhelming.


Week 1:  What is Freedom and my Freedom List?

  1. Define freedom – what does that look like?  What are you doing?  With whom are you interacting?  Where are you living?  Are you working?  What do  you do that is pure FUN? WHO ARE YOU WHEN YOU ARE COMPLETELY FREE?
  2. Where are you now in terms of what kind of “list” you live by?  Read over these lists and decide which one (or two if you are between) describes you best when it comes to your daily life:

Overwhelm List – “yes I have my bucket list, and my to-do list, and my project list, and my birthday list, and my work list, and my fun list…….not to mention all the stuff that is still just in my head and not on my various calendars or lists that I keep.  Oh yeah, and then there’s all the stuff that comes up every day out of the blue.  I’m exhausted and want to stop the overwhelm but don’t know how nor do I have the time!  My sleep (what little I do get) can be fraught with anxiety and OMG, I just want to keep hitting the snooze button in the morning because I have so much to do!”

Crowded List – “yes I have several lists but I usually can get all my planned projects/dates on a consolidated list with only a few overruns each day.  And I of course, I can’t do everything that ends up on my daily list…..but really, who can?Clearing my mind is out of the question, even when I meditate.  I worry about forgetting something, but someone will remind me if it’s important enough.  I don’t have time to celebrate my successes, but maybe I will tomorrow…I always hope for that day to myself…..that’s on my wish list.  I sleep okay and can usually get up in the morning, but not without my cup of coffee or caffeinated tea.”

Balancing Act List – “yes I have mainly one calendar and list of priorities for my month/week/day, but those things that come up on a daily basis can set me spinning and off-balance many days.  It feels like I’m walking a tightrope most of the time and I still have some anxiety about whether or not I’m going to be able to get things done on time.  Occasionally I am even ahead of schedule, although there is always something else that takes up the time I thought I might have.  I am able to schedule downtime and me time, but sometimes I’m worried about what I’m not doing while I ought to be relaxing/playing.  I celebrate my successes sometimes and usually don’t have any trouble falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning.

Freedom List – “YES!  I have system in place that allows me to capture all my brilliant ideas and I spend 5 minutes each day CHOOSING my priorities for the day, each of which either results in one of my Heart’s Desires OR takes me farther on the path to one of my Heart’s Desires.  I have more than enough time every day to do all thing things on my target list, as well as easily and gracefully dealing with any circumstances life sends my way.  I sleep soundly every night because I have celebrated my successes and achievements for the day, and I know that I will wake up to a great day of a little structure and a whole lot of freedom to choose and live in my passion and purpose!

  1. Whichever list drives your daily life, begin to think about what you are willing to let go.  A full and delicious life is not about doing or having everything…’s about living on purpose and doing what your Heart Desires in every moment.  So the other concept to think about, do you know……..

What are YOUR Heart’s Desires?

How do you know they are YOURS and NOT someone else’s? (Practice discernment NOT judgment by asking yourself if a desire lights you up or is it a “should?”  Judgment means you assign “good” or “bad,” “doable” or “impossible.”  You do not need to know how your hearts desires will come to you….you only need to know what ARE your desires.