Week 4:  What now?

Now you know that the magic is working and you are always at choice when it comes to freedom.  What now?  #DoItDifferent

Your life up until now is history and you can affectionately and hopefully with gratitude and love, kiss it goodbye!  Now what?  Well, if everything that you have done in your life has propelled you forward and enhanced your life, that’s awesome and you are perfectly on track!  If your life so far is less than stellar and could use an upgrade in any area, then this is for you!

Your life up until now is history and you can affectionately and hopefully with gratitude and love, kiss it goodbye!


Nike Corporation has a great slogan in their “Just Do It!”  The thing is, when you are “just doing it” the same way over and over and that way is not working for you, or not working well, it may be time to Do It Different!   Before making all kinds of new and different resolutions though, take a few minutes to look at your life accomplishments.  What worked?  How can you take what worked, and do it different in a way that upgrades what is working in your life?  What didn’t work?  How can you do it different?  Sometimes it is not just doing something different that will work best….sometimes, you can simply do what you are doing in a different way.  There are times in your life when you will give up on something just one step away from success!

Here are some ways to do it different:

Do the opposite of what you have been doing.  Whether it’s a matter of thought, word or action.  What happens to your life if you think the opposite of what you have always thought?  What happens in your life when you speak the opposite of what you have always said?  What happens when you act in an opposite way?  Remember that opposite does not have to have a negative aspect to it!  Hey, maybe taking negative out of your thinking……period…..is what you need to upgrade everything in your life!

Make a commitment!  Sometimes you will approach your life in a cautious and careful manner.  Do it different and make a commitment.  Be “all in.”  You know…..that approach of “now is the only moment I have” and “I can do this” kind of attitude.  When was the last time you truly made a commitment to something and gave it everything you had?  Been awhile?  Then make that commitment and do it different!

Share your dreams with others!  There are schools of thought that if you share your heart’s desire with someone, there’s a possibility that they might steal your idea!  So what?!  No one can do your heart’s desire like YOU can!  If there is something that you are passionate about, share it like it’s already a reality and see how fast it actually becomes YOUR reality!  Oh, but what about the possibility that you share your dream and it never comes to fruition?  This time, do it different and believe that your dream IS your reality AND take inspired action to make it so!  Allow others to be your unexpected resources for supporting you in achieving your dream.  Be willing to make mistakes so that you can gain the experience you need to then DO IT DIFFERENT and course correct and make your dreams come true!

Be discerning.  Totally remove judgment from your life.  Unless your life’s work is as an actual Judge in some legal setting, kick judgment out of your life.  Do it different by using discernment going forward.  That is when you ask yourself whether a thought, person, action, circumstance, whatever is in your best interest…..whether something serves you and your purpose in life.  If it does, embrace it and go for it!  If it does not serve, then walk away, let it go, and move on.  Without discernment, life can overwhelm and get the best of you.  With discernment, you can do it different and ensure that your thoughts, words and actions keep you on your path of purpose.

Don’t know what your purpose is?  Then by all means do it different and discover your purpose in life and begin to live each moment from the perspective of purpose.  Purpose is what can fuel your decision to Do It Different…..starting now!  Because in order to Do It Different, you do have to DO IT!  And you CAN!

Ever wonder why you can read a book, enroll in a self-help program or experience anything else that is described as “life-changing” and come out on the other end without any changes in YOUR life?  That’s because it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, does or believes…..the only person who counts is YOU when it comes to changing YOUR life!  When you do it different, and take 100% responsibility for your thoughts, actions and beliefs…guess what?!  Only then are you able to change your life!  If you are someone who is always reading…….always enrolling in programs……or always busy with other people…..AND if your life is still not the life of your dreams……then STOP!  Stop reading, stop doing programs, stop taking care of everyone else and allow some silence and space in your life so you can begin to hear YOUR thoughts….really experience YOUR actions…..and discover your true beliefs about yourself.  Instead of looking for something or someone outside yourself for answers, look inside.  Everything you need to know to create the life of your dreams starts with knowing yourself…..THEN you can BE the change Ghandi talked about.  Do it different….establish some silence in your life….and LISTEN!

As you really become aware of what you think and do, here’s a super tip!  What you think and do will not change, at least not for the long term, until you change your beliefs…..some of which are SO unconscious that it really takes some self-examination and maybe even some help to uncover.  Do it different by taking the time and really become conscious of what your beliefs are.  Beliefs, no matter how BIG or ingrained are CHOICES, so do it different by believing that YOU have the choice to change your belief.  If you are wondering what some of your more “hidden” or deeply ingrained beliefs are, take a look at an area of your life or a relationship that is not really working for you.  THEN, ask yourself what you would have to believe about yourself in order to stay in that circumstance or relationship that is not working for you.  While you may be surprised about what beliefs you have that keep you stuck, do it different and be willing to be surprised by your beliefs and do not sugar coat your beliefs!  Do it different and be totally honest without judging yourself or making yourself wrong for having a particular belief.  If you discover that you believe you are a bad person, do yourself a favor and skip the judgment about how you could possibly have come to THAT conclusion, and simply change your belief…..you are a GREAT person.  Then ask yourself, knowing what a great person you are and that you deserve to live an abundant and joy-filled life, what about the circumstance or relationship doesn’t work for you now, and get into action and change your life!  Do it different and stop spending even one more moment of your precious life in struggle, shame, guilt, pain, resistance, or anger!  Do it different and be willing to take the risk to create the life of your dreams!