You are on your way and I bet it feels so good to see how far you’ve come in just a couple of weeks. Review your progress and celebrate your success!  Good Job, you are AMAZING!

Week 3:  How do I stay there?

Deep breath… this is a magical and miraculous process that works with bringing the un-conscious into alignment with our conscious heart’s desire for freedom.  Know that whatever is happening with respect to this Freedom List process is exactly perfect for you and does not have to look like where anyone else, including me, is at this point.  That being said, I am living example of how extraordinary simplicity creates absolute freedom!  There is no need to step in and out of “ritual”….in and out of “extraordinary.”  Be willing to BE in the ritual of freedom (i.e., the extraordinary simplicity) and you will continue to open into YOUR Freedom!



So let’s explore how to live consistently in the spaciousness of the Freedom List, and to do that, there’s one more area that is asking to be addressed.  We have talked about physical, mental, and emotional freedom of living from a space of a little bit of structure supporting us in the flow of freedom.

What about financial freedom?  Do you feel (even a little) that your financial picture either supports or restricts whether or not you can experience true and complete freedom in your life?  If you do, would you be willing to consider that your financial circumstances do NOT have to restrict your freedom?  Imagine that you are a child of God…Spirit….the Universe….and that as such, unlimited abundance is yours for the asking!  Even if you are hearing voices to the contrary, please ask those voices to give you a few moments and you’ll get back to them.  The truth is that the only limits on possibilities, on energy, including money and wealth, are the limits that you consciously and unconsciously place on finances.  Money is energy….everything is energy….and as such can be neither created or destroyed….not because it is limited as some may believe….it can neither be created or destroyed because it is infinite.  Now that you can see yourself as the child of god/spirit/universe with access to infinite abundance….look at the channels through with that abundance now comes to you….perhaps through your business….family members….jobs… security……..rental income…..and recognize that these are NOT the source of your money/wealth/abundance…..they are only channels…..that have limits that YOU have placed on them…..  The truth is that you can open these channels wider AND you can also be open to more channels in your life….even if you do not consciously know what these channels are IN THIS MOMENT.

Remind yourself of your beautiful and perfect acknowledgements of YOUR truth of freedom in ALL areas of your life….financial, mental, emotional and physical!  You are awesome!