So how’s it going so far, I know this isn’t easy and it isn’t going to happen over night or really even in 4 weeks but you will definitely be on the right track and with every step you take every single day you will be and moving closer to YOUR freedom.

Week 2:  How do I get there?

So now you know:

  1.     What is freedom to YOU (expansion on your definition is encouraged).
  2.     What kind(s) of lists drive your life.
  3.     How to use discernment to define your Heart’s Desires (find a way to remind yourself what ARE your Heart’s Desires on a regular basis – every day, once a week or somewhere in-between).
  4.     What you are willing to let go of…declare complete…etc.  (A great tool for this is to keep track of what you do on a daily basis and then keep only the “hell yesses!”


How DO you move toward more freedom every day?  Here’s where a little structure comes in.  Whether you use pure technology as I do ( or you use paper and pen, here’s the basics of that little structure (I’m going to use the terms of simpleology whether you go tech or not).

  1.     Use a dreamcatcher to capture all your thoughts, to-do’s, brilliant ideas, etc.  Unless it’s absolutely urgent (i.e., call of nature), DON’T DO IT – CAPTURE IT!
  2.     Commit to 5 minutes EVERY DAY to choose your daily targets (from items in your dreamcatcher).
  3.     Take inspired action and complete your daily targets every day AND
  4.     Celebrate the successes and enjoy the freedom you are creating!!

It really IS that simple.  Give this “little bit of structure” a try for the next few days or week and see what magic happens!